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Simplified Loading and Unloading Process

If you think the process of loading a standard truck trailer is easy, you’ll be even happier to hear how simple loading and unloading flatbed trucks can be! Most flatbeds have drop decks rather than step decks, meaning that your secured cargo will be lowered to the ground so that you don’t have to unload it yourself. You also won’t have to wait for the truck to back up to the loading dock! However, if manual unloading is necessary, the process is still extremely simple. Forklifts can approach flatbed trailers from the sides as well as the back, meaning there’s no need for extensions or multiple complicated Tetris-like movements.

Are you working at a very specialized or busy jobsite? Another reason flatbed trucks can make your job easier is that they can be unloaded by crane! Let all of the machinery do the heavy lifting for you and eliminate the intermediary step of transporting the goods where they need to go.

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