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Utilize Technology

Technology has come so far that customers can track a single order from the store to their doorstep with a tap on their phone screen and know when their goods will arrive as soon as they leave the shipping facility. Even though you aren’t the customer in this scenario, don’t neglect this awesome technology.

Request tracking information and use it throughout the shipping process, download software or apps that enable you to check up on bulk shipments, and keep detailed records about deliveries and shipments that match the ones you’ve sent out. Something as simple as an online spreadsheet can save you tons of trouble later down the line. No one wants to dig through a mountain of paperwork to find information about a single delivery from months ago — if that paperwork hasn’t been tossed out already by someone else!

Communication Is Key

It may seem obvious, but communication matters a lot in the shipping and logistics industry. There are many people involved in dealing with even the smallest shipment, so having contact information close at hand is the intelligent thing to do. Not only can you deal with problems before they arise, but you can also develop a working relationship with the people who are taking care of your valuable and important shipments. This can help you not get caught in the rush during the holiday shipping craze, too.

Choose Last-Mile Wisely

Your last-mile service matters more than you’ll ever know since they’re the people who get your shipment directly into the hands of the receiver. Choose only the most reliable companies with years of experience and gold-standard reputations, such as our shipping experts here at Courier Express Services! When you choose the right last-mile service, you’ll ensure peace of mind for all shipments, whether or not they’re timed deliveries.

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Shipping time-sensitive goods doesn’t have to be a source of stress when you rely on our team. We’ll ensure we take care of your customers from the first to the last mile.

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